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As a hair salon, you throw out tons of hair clippings (2.2 billion kilograms go to waste globally). All the while, the textile industry is in dire need of a more sustainable, repurposed textile source. We have a solution for both – transforming your hair waste into textile fibers. Because ultimately, your hair clippings are just raw material in the wrong place.

Why join our ecosystem?

We take your hair waste off your hands.

Make a measurable impact.

Know your hair is used, ethically.

Join a circular economy.

Collaborate in sustainable, exciting design projects

How does it work?

We work with local waste management companies to collect the hair you’d otherwise throw out. Next up, your thrown-out hair is cleaned and sent to a local manufacturer, where we transform it into textile fibers

These fibers can become everything from knits (used for sweaters, socks and other clothes), to weaves (used for clothes, rugs, upholstery and other interior textiles), and even faux feathers. By tracing every step of the way, we make sure the entire process is ethical, and that your hair waste is actually used. 

Looking for a solution for your hair waste? Reach out, and we’ll connect you to your closest waste management company.