We collaborate with companies and people in the textile and beauty industries

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By recycling human hair into high-performance textile fibers, we work towards a circular ecosystem. We invite all humans – but specifically, beauty and textile industry professionals – to become a part of that ecosystem, part of that solution. Are you in?

Do you work with hair?

Every day, hundreds of tonnes of hair clippings are thrown out. We have a solution for this hair waste, collecting it from your salon and transforming it into high-performance textiles. 

Do you work with textiles?

We provide a natural, durable and ethical alternative to wool or synthetics. One that is hypoallergenic, heat-retentive, antibacterial… and that, crucially, grows on our own heads.

Want to join us another way?

Are you neither a beauty nor textile professional, but do you have another idea for collaboration? We’d love to hear from you.