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We provide a high-performance alternative to synthetic or animal-derived fibers. One that is fully natural, incredibly durable and will keep you warm in glacial conditions, without relying on (micro)plastics, virgin materials or cruelty.

Why join our ecosystem?

Opt for a 100% natural, ethical and recycled textile fiber.

Benefit from a fully traceable supply chain.

Get superior material performance, durability and reliability.

Enjoy on-demand production with custom design development.

What’s behind our textile fibers?

Behind Human Material Loop lies a committed team of designers, business developers, engineers, and scientists who all care deeply about this planet and its people.

Weaving together both the textile industry’s need for a repurposed textile source, and the abundance of hair waste present in salons, we developed a unique technology. One that transforms human hair into ethical, traceable and high-performing textile fibers.

In that case, human hair has a number of qualities. For starters, it possesses incredible durability and strength (one ponytail could hold two elephants). Like wool or alpaca, it’s composed largely of keratin protein fibers, making it natural, thermal, biodegradable and moisture-regulating, sans the cruelty or allergic reactions.

We know this, because we’ve knitted our fibers into a Dutch hair jumper and woven them into a tweed-like blazer. We even tested our parka prototype atop the Aconcagua (at an altitude of 6961 meters), where it kept its wearer warm in -30°C.

Looking for a repurposed, ethical and high-performing source? Reach out, and we’ll guide you through our possibilities and development process. Together, we can contribute to a circular future.