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Through collaboration, research, and creativity, we strive to create value from overlooked resources, demonstrating that true sustainability is both possible and profitable.

Who are we?

CEO | Founder

Zsofia Kollar, Founder | CEO

Zsofia Kollar, the Founder and CEO of Human Material Loop, is a forward-thinking entrepreneur passionate about sustainable innovation. Science and design are crucial in the company’s development. After her experience running an independent design studio, Zsofia was driven to reimagine waste management, focusing particularly on hair waste. Her goal is to foster collaboration and innovation for a more sustainable future. Human Material Loop demonstrates that sustainability and economic growth can coexist. Zsofia’s dedication extends beyond her CEO role—she’s also a published author and university lecturer, inspiring others in design and sustainability. Her vision entails holistic sustainability, where science, design, and collaboration reshape waste management and drive innovation. 


Zsofia Kollar | Founder

Vincent van den Ende | COO


Adriano Amighini | Consultant IT + NL

Mona Reich | Textile Designer

Jahmuna Mcclean | Consultant DK

Medina Rešić | Creative Content

Dora Aradi | Data Analyst

Daniel Nikolov | Sustainability & Legislations

Advisory Board

Ide Advokaat | Finance

Nikolet Zwart | Legal

Marcelo Maquieira | Fashion & Supply chain

Hugo Delissen | Business Development

“Innovation knows no waste. Let's unleash creativity while saving resources. Working together makes us stronger for the future."

–Zsofia Kollar

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